Thursday, February 13, 2014

Think Local For Your Valentine

It's inevitable. I've seen it every year. They get that creeping feeling in their spine. They feel the panic starting to choke them.  It's Valentine's Day... and they almost forgot.  Well, it's only Valentine's Eve tonight and there is plenty of time to choose a boffo gift for your best mate.  So, while your trying to figure that last-minute gift, do yourself a solid and think local.

Why think local?  Well, there's my standard response of  "because its a bang-up way of supporting your community and promoting local jobs."  Local service will likely be more personal, more attentive, more tailored to your needs and will remember your name when you return.  Local goods are also quite likely to be made with greater, personalized care.  Take these chocolates, for instance.  Keith brought me home a box of these beautiful chocolates from the Candy Factory where their confectioners have been-hand-crafting chocolates for over 40 years.  I've just sampled a lemon one and it was fairly sublime, I must say.

So tonight and tomorrow, hit up your local businesses.  Hometown St. Marys, West Virginia peeps, go see my beloved Greenhouse Gang for always creative florals, unique gift ideas and stellar service.  Excelsior Springs folks, visit local chocolatiers Sugar Rush and Oooey Gooey Chocolates by Lane for some sweet chocolatey love to take home.  Kansas City has a vast plethora of local goodness to dish out for VD.  And speaking of dish, if there are reservations to be found, then take tour sweetie to an independent eatery for some grub made with true heart.

So go on then, spread the local love on Valentine's Day.


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