Friday, February 14, 2014

THIS Is The Marriage I'm Protesting

It's abominable.  It's against everything I believe in.  It's offensive, for heaven's sake.  I will not let this happen and will do everything in my power to stop it.  It is outright sacrilege.  I mean, honestly....


The very idea.  See, I came across this article by a food nerd site I follow called Food Republic.  I saw only the headline and the photo and well, that was enough, right?  I was repulsed at the audacity that someone would join these two.  So, I skipped past the link and pretended I hadn't seen it.

Well now, it's nagging me.  What was I so offended by?  I do love sushi.  Lord knows I love me some bacon.  But it's wrong.....right?  Maybe if I decided to learn a bit about bacon sushi before I outright dismiss it....well, there's a thought.  A sushi chef creates a stunning sushi roll and its quite often a thing of beauty...

 ...and bacon, well, that's just for getting fried up at the local diner with a side of hash browns, right?

Sushi is an artful Japanese cuisine steeped in history; dating back to the 8th century.  Bacon, while simply thought of as a (supremely tasty) breakfast staple, certainly has a deep history of its own though, and a more global history than one might think: it dates back to 1500 BC and the Ancient Romans ate a form of bacon they called petaso, which was boiled with figs, then browned and seasoned with pepper sauce (ancient Sriracha?).  Then, I thought, I'll actually read the article in Food Republic. Not only did the resulting bacon sushi sound delicious, but the article by Jess Kapadia was hilarious, especially when he referred to the bacon sushi as a "loud bastard".   I decided maybe I should shelve my preconceived prejudice and give bacon sushi a go.

So, I'm going to try making bacon sushi.  After I try it, I may find I still don't like it.  I may still not even approve of bacon sushi.  And that's ok, because it's a free country and I can say I don't like bacon sushi to my little heart's content.  That doesn't mean, however, that I need to stop anyone else from making or loving bacon sushi.  Even if ancient tradition and text tells me bacon sushi is wrong, it's not my place to stop other consenting adults to choose to love bacon sushi, because their love of bacon sushi is not going to hurt me or anyone else in the least.  Certainly, as so many folks are talking about the government being too intrusive in our lives, the government should also have no say in whether I, or anyone else loves bacon sushi.  That includes the states of Kansas and Idaho.

So I'll give bacon sushi a whirl.  We'll see how I feel about it.  Regardless of the outcome, though, I won't be telling anyone else they aren't allowed to like it.  Certainly, I wouldn't support it being against the law either.

* Author's note: What's that?  You're thinking this article might be a metaphorical reference to gay marriage rights?  Oh no...I'm ALL for that.  Hell, I've been married to my partner for over two years now, after all....that's two years out of a nearly 15-year relationship, that is, and in all that time nobody got hurt.  Yeah, it's a new world, cats and dogs living together and all's a time for embracing change.  I mean, who would have ever thought that a Dallas sportscaster would become one of my heroes...

Peace, my peeps.


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