Monday, February 10, 2014

The Devil is Made of Reese Cups

See this cheesecake? Ain't it pretty?

Well, this cheesecake is the devil.

Why, you ask?  Well, those that read my recent posts know of some of the caloric intake we took in this weekend.  For that matter, I try to aim my calorie-busters for the weekend, but make a solid attempt to keep the weekdays relatively light. This morning began earnestly enough with my regular healthy smoothie of a banana, blueberries, spinach and protein powder.  I then had a working luncheon with my friend and Spa Director Kevin and I followed his lead of soup and salad for lunch.

We had the aromatic and flavorful soup of the day; a Boulevard pork and bean soup.  Paired with a salad of baby romaine with reggiano cheese and a cracked-pepper anchovy vinaigrette, it was certainly a light but lively lunch.  After wrapping up our business, Kevin then mentions we need to fetch plates for dessert...


...dessert?  I typically can avoid the sweet temptations I work around but that wicked Reese cup cheesecake was made by Kev and his granddaughter and it was not only gorgeous but Cheesecake Factory-good.

Well, damn it was a tasty way to veer off the healthy trail, but still, I was way off-track now.  Oh well, I would do better at home this evening.  After all, Keith had made this amazing chicken salad on Sunday night with avocado, fresh lemon, red pepper, red onion and spices and a little of that with some apple slices and lettuce would hit the spot.


I walk into a flurry of activity at home and the first thing I see is Keith mixing up cakes.  Aw, hell.  A mouth-watering aroma was coming out of the oven AND the slow cooker. The K-Man was getting ready to hit the road tomorrow for work and preparing the contribution for his brother-in-law's (he was seriously injured in an accident) Meal Train that he would drop off.  Keith had it all going on: chicken teriyaki simmering in the slow cooker, seafood lasagna baking in the oven and chocolate being whisked for a pudding cake.  Wow!  He outdid himself and of course, we had to try it all.  Very tasty all.  (sigh)

Tomorrow is another day, Scarlett.  And it will be spent eating apples and almonds, as God is my witness.


Anonymous said...

Aw Hell is right! Amen! Apples and Almonds. Apples and Almonds! ~Kristy

Kim Lorentz said...

Having the seafood lasagna today; chicken teriyaki was a hit! And of course the cake is almost gone.
Thank for the meals...they are very much appreciated!!!

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