Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Moving Us Forward

I am sitting and feeling drained; my mind searching for a creative spark.  The search is at a slow crawl and seems to mirror how I feel right now; tired and uninspired.  Then of course, there it was. Inspiration has been abundant all week long...I just hadn't acknowledged it.  Inspiration that came on a simultaneous local and national level, in fact: Mizzou player Michael Sam coming out as gay.

I watched the unfolding news like many of my brothers and sisters did and it was a revelatory story to take in. Michael Sam is one brave soul and I admire him greatly.  I took the time to soak in some of the many stories surrounding Michael's coming out, but the one that struck me was written by Wade Davis for Sports Illustrated.  Over a dinner of Asian-style ribs and peach cobbler, Michael discusses his journey while dining amongst many other leaders and athletes from the LGBT community.  The result is pride, awe, perspective and yes, inspiration.

Read the article here.  It's titled "The Bravest Of Us All; He Moves Us Forward."
Congratulations Michael, and thank you as well.


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